The first generation marathi person in North America typically grew up in India listening to the night time marathi stories from Aaji Aajoba or parents. For sure, these stories made indirect impact and provided lot of information of India's great personalities and history for which we all are proud. Such inspirational story telling to marathi youth is missed in many homes. Well, Bruhan Maharastra Mandal (BMM) is bringing the new initiative called "Marathi Story Telling" - to not just youth but adults and parents. Take advantage of such noble initiative

Shala and Yuwa team are organizing the following workshops:

1. Art & Craft workshop

2. Drama & Theater workshop.

Workshops are for all children, middle school students, highschool students, yuwa  and adults. 

Please fill up following details in form:

Please click the link below to register and make payment:

Last date for accepting entries: March 24th, 2023.

Zoom : Sessions will be conducted online on zoom. After filling the form, you will receive an email to join whatsapp group. Zoom links will be sent to registered participants.

Fees: $15 is the fee for 1 workshop. When you want to participate in 2 workshops, you will pay for the 2nd workshop too. When you have questions after you register please send to:,

We will be closing entry soon. Please sign up today.