Miboli Marathi Shala Operating guidelines

Organization relationship

Irving Marathi school a.k.a. Miboli Marathi Shala, operates as an affiliated club of DFWMM Organization. Miboli Marathi Shala is an autonomous body for day to day operations.

Mission of Shala

The primary purpose of the Shala is to protect and preserve the Marathi language and our culture. Its aim is to familiarize students with communication, reading, and writing Marathi, thereby helping then appreciate the rich beauty of Marathi language. It is solely run by volunteers.

Our goal is to strengthen Maharashtrian and Indian cultural roots among the next generation of Marathi community. We will achieve this through teaching and participating in the cultural programs and events hosted by Marathi Shala and DFWMM.

Shala Operations

Shala is autonomously operated by volunteers for the following activities:

● Curriculum and class planning

● Volunteer teacher enrollment and assignments

● Handling Shala finances and tracking expenses

● Deciding on the number of admissions for the year and yearly fees

● Accept or Deny Shala admissions due to conflict of interest

● Accept or Deny Shala admissions

● Hosting/participating in academic/social/cultural events

● Conducting BMM Marathi Language Exams

● Coordinating with BMM Marathi Shala for curriculum and exams

● Managing any infrastructure used (for e.g., Schoology, Zoom accounts, WhatsApp, Facebook).

Shala Staff

Shala has the sole decision to appointment/select teachers, coordinators and other volunteers.

The current Shala coordinator and/or current Shala teachers decide to appoint new teacher(s), as needed.

The coordinator is appointed by Shala teachers, and he/she should have been a Shala teacher for 2 years.

All Shala staff positions are voluntary and no remuneration will be paid for these


DFWMM support for Shala

DFWMM, a 501c3 organization, as the Legal entity provides 501c3 certificates as needed for Shala activities

DFWMM provides Technology support for various activities e.g. Shala registration via DFWMM website, updating webpage for Marathi Shala, etc.

DFWMM provides liability coverage by providing insurance certificates with Miboli Marathi Shala as certificate holder.

DFWMM will provide a dedicated time slot during one of the DFWMM events for certificate distribution, if requested by Shala.


  • DFWMM manages Shala finances in partnership with DFWMM Treasurer for activities like Fee collection, maintaining accounts, managing expenses & reimbursements.

  • Fees collected by DFWMM on behalf of Shala will be solely utilized for Shala expenses.

  • Reimbursement for any Shala expenses is expected to be completed within 14 days after submission of receipts to the Mandal treasurer.

  • To streamline the registration process for Shala, Treasurer provides the following

● Weekly details of registrations payments received by DFWMM (Daily report for registration information at the time or crucial week of admissions)

● Semi-annual balance sheet report

● End of year Miboli Marathi Shala balance. This balance can be used by Miboli Marathi Shala in the following year(s).

● DFWMM supports Shala monetary when in need of funds to operate the Shala


Communication between Shala and DFWMM is primarily through the following roles –

  • Shala representative: Primary coordinator (s)

  • DFWMM representative: Co-treasurer + webmaster

  • Shala will nominate a person to be included in the DFWMM Committee-at-large and other

  • communication groups (presently WhatsApp).

  • The coordinators from Shala can also join the committee-at-large conference call as needed.

  • Shala will communicate upcoming DFWMM events (only related to kids/students) via two

  • messages to the parent community – one early and one closer to the event when requested by

  • DFWMM Webmaster

Digital content rights

  • Any Digital content (pictures / videos etc.) created by the Shala, sharing should be managed by the Shala coordinator. Appropriate consents may be needed from the participants in that program.

  • All content, digital or otherwise, created by Shala is a sole property of the Shala and will be shared with other Shala(s) or DFWMM on request.

Conflict Resolution

1. Conflicts/escalations received by Miboli Marathi Shala

Any conflicts/escalations raised by parents/students are to be managed by Shala using

their conflict resolution process.

Level 1 – Parent/student with Teachers

Level 2 – Parent/student with Coordinator(s) and teachers involved

Level 3 – Parent/student with DFWMM Executive committee, Shala Coordinator and

teachers involved

Level 4 – Parent/student with DFWMM BoT (currently BoA), DFWMM executive

committee, Shala Coordinator and teachers involved.

2. Conflicts/escalations received by DFWMM

Any conflicts/ escalations received by DFWMM for a particular Shala (from Teachers, Current students, parents, or any other members) should be directed to the Shala coordinator

Level 1 – DFWMM, involved party and Shala coordinator and teacher, as needed.

Level 2 – DFWMM BoT (currently BoA), DFWMM executive committee, involved party and Shala coordinator and teacher, as needed.