BMM Exam FAQ's

Frequency and Timeline for BMM Exams

1. When is the exam conducted?

Shala coordinators will update about the exam instructions, form, timeline, result template around March.

2. What are the timelines for submitting the forms

Typically the exam registration will be from Apr 1st to Apr 30th (last day for registration)

Exam timeline for oral-written 1st May to 15th June.

3. What are the fees for the exam

Exam fees are $20

4. Are there any requirements?

Once the exam timelines are finalized, Miboli Marathi shala will gather the names of the students who would appear for the exam. Once that is done, fill the forms out. This is based on a combination of teacher recommendation, attendance, internal assignment scores, semester exam scores.

5. Who makes the question papers and where do we get the question papers from?

Question papers are set by the BMM coordinator teachers, and will be mailed before the exam locally.

6. Who can assess the answer sheets and/or keep records?

Exams are conducted locally by the Shala teachers. There will be a written exam and oral exam. Assessments are performed locally.

7. Duration for written exams - Pahili to Tisari approx 1 hour, higher levels 1.5 hrs.

For oral exams you may invite guests/volunteers from the community, time would be approx. 20-30 minutes per child. Orals can be taken on separate days if there are lot of students

8. Grading guidelines

Oral is 60% and written is 40% (the paper is of 80 marks though). Passing is at 50%. Even though the passing is at 50%, kids must take both the exams for passing.

9. Awards, Encouragement, Certifications

 Assessment reports are sent back to the BMM by the local schools. Results due by June 30th. BMM will translate the scores into grades, and mail certificates. Bharati Vidyapeeth mails the certificates in Aug to BMM Marathi Shala Coordinator, which then are sent out to different Shala(s) by the end of August so they can present the certificates to students.