Shala Policy

Admission policy

  • Every parent must complete the Shala registration form

  • Miboli Shala reserves the right to reject the application/admission

  • Every parent must accept the shala rules and policies

  • Make the Shala payment

  • If the current or past year students do not complete the shala registration in time, the Shala reserves the right to make the decision

Attendance policy

  • Students must attend a minimum of 80% of the classes to appear for BMM exams.

  • Parents must update the shala teacher about students' absence

  • Parents must update the teacher incase students won't attend shala for all the reasons mentioned (travelling out of the country, extended vacation, an emergency trip, school trips, sickness, other reason)

Promoting to next grade/level

  • If the student doesn’t meet the attendance requirement, the Miboli Marathi Shala teachers will make a decision based on semester exam scores and assignments.